Installation Proposal

1.Both projects involve sensory overload. Lila’s original instillation reflected an overload of negative emotions that can arise during meditation. While Paige’s daily practice has to deal with an extreme amount overwhelming emotion of all kind but mostly focusing on the pain she deals with every day.

2. our main focus is wanting to make our viewers feel immersed in our instillation. We feel this will be accomplished best using a corner space or even the dark room in the studio 

4. these are images that will interpret our new instillation and the design we plan on going with

3. for this instillation our main focus is to have the viewers feel immersed in many overwhelming emotions. We would like to depict a combination of two very chaotic experiences Lila, and I go through in our day to day practice. We plan on accomplishing this by using an overwhelming amount of colors, textures, lights, and sounds. 

5. I will be working with Lila. Since we decided to work together, we plan on accomplishing this together through every major step and choice. We plan on working as a unit together verses dividing up the major rolls.  

6. Our sounds will include rain sticks, crumbling paper, the scratching of ripped cardboard, the squishing of various types of plastic. Our textures will involve slime, ribbed cardboard, multiple layers of paint, hot glue clumps. Our goal is to depict chaos and provoke uneasiness in our audience, which is something Lila and I go thought in our daily practice.

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