Sound Sculpture

DUE: 11/4/19

Sounds and textures:

With my sculpture my main focus was to resemble the sounds of moving water that runs through the entire cylinder. I also tried to resemble the feeling of comfort which is displayed as with the texture of being compressed and comfortable when you stick your arm or leg through this piece.


this piece at first was complicated to start only because I did not know where to start but once I had my plan all figured out and had all the materials in my reach the steps to creating this came to me easy there were not many complications through the process.


In this sculpture I wanted it to be interactive so you are actually able to put your leg or arm through the cylinder and you get a compression feeling through the body part inside. while you move around you will hear the “water” run throughout the whole cylinder.


This was complicated in the beginning because for one I had no idea what I wanted to make and how to execute it. but once I figured out the sounds and textures I planned on recreating the design came easy and I wanted to stick with the general feel of what I go through everyday to the best of my ability.

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