Band Installations

DUE: 11/11/19

Our goal for this project was to depict the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and absorbed by  emotion. Lilas original installation reflected the experience of having negative emotions consume my thoughts while attempting to meditate. while my installation involved an extreme amount of not only emotional but also physical pain. While we wanted the piece to function and produce sound, we also wanted it to be extremely overwhelming and chaotic to look at. I feel we achieved this by combining techniques we learned about composition and color from our previous classes into a cohesive piece. We created a clear representation of two very chaotic experiences using light, color, texture and sound in a very excessive manner. Paige and I combined harsh, angular shapes with more soft, organic forms in a cohesive way. Our background was completed by layering multiple different colors using a spray bottle and having them drip down to the floor. The triangle shapes featured in the piece were derived from my original installation while the rain sticks were originally Paige’s idea. We chose to cover the piece sloppily in hot glue, glitter, and slime to give the installation a messier, more triggering effect. The fabric was added as an attempt to guide your eye through the piece. We chose not to have a color scheme because we wanted the piece to feel very unorganized. The splatters of sumi ink were purposefully done to create more chaos and confusion. The floor was left covered in glitter, paint, and slime to give a sense of carelessness. The wall features rain sticks, rough cardboard, slime and bubble wrap which together produce our soundtrack along with a few other sounds that are not featured in the piece. Through this project we attempted to translate emotion into sound and texture and incorporate it into a successful video. We chose to layer our soundtrack overtop of our video because we wanted the imagery and the sounds to exist separately. In other worlds, we didn’t want the video to be just us producing sounds, we wanted there to be a slight narrative. Our video depicts a girl attempting to escape her emotions and achieve mental clarity and wellbeing. We included clips of her covering herself in paint to represent emotions consuming ones thoughts. Different colors of paint were meant to depict different emotions. In the video the girl is frantically clawing at her skin and the installation around her to show anxiety, distress, and hopelessness. In conclusion I think our installation and our video are both very successful and convey the message that we intended. I think both elements of this project reflect the amount of time and effort that was exerted. I think Lila and I chose to combine our daily practices in a very unique, creative way.  I am proud of Lila and I for managing our time and working cohesively as a unit throughout the entire week.

Lilas blog

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