make a mask

I used tape since at my house we are doing a bunch of home renovations it is around the house everywhere you look.

Future Self

This is the letter that I wrote to my future self. I put this letter in my suit case for when I have to use it again to head back to Alfred for school.

Artist Research

For this assignment I was given the artist Helen Frankenthaler. She is an abstract painter who was a major contributor to the history of postwar American painting. she used turpentine-thinned paint in watery washes onto the raw canvas so that it soaked into the fabric weave, becoming one with it. her method emphasized the flat surface over illusory depth, caring attention to the very nature of paint on canvas.

Color Research

For this assignment I was given the color Baker-Miller Pink. This shade of pink claimed to reduce hostile, violent or aggressive behavior.

Final Performance

DUE: 11/27

Final performance:

due to me having to fly home early for some doctor appointments, I was unbaked to be in the live performance. Thankfully my friend Brenna was able to step in and take my stop in the live performance. even though I left early my group and I still made a video so I was able to attend some kind of performance.

Group member reflection:


I have worked with Lila in the past and her and I have always got along and were able to communicate and set role San trust one another to get it done. Lila is someone I would always consider working with in the future because we get along so well.


Dan is very good at getting done what needs to be done when he is told. I was always able to trust dan on the tasks he was chosen for. he really helped keep everyone in line during this project and I am very thankful for that.


in the past I have worked with Hudson and at times we did bump heads only because our creative choices are so different (not a bad thing at all). during this project we took time to make sure our concept was something we all enjoyed and no ones opinions were being ignored. when Hudson was given a task I knew he was going to get it done.


Nelly played a big role in this group project but also was unable to let others voice there opinions which was a struggle to begin with. during the time I worked with Nelly I quickly learned that she had to have her say in everything that was made(which in this case was kind of a bad thing). everyone in the group was given there own tasks and we trusted everyone to put there own creative input in the role they were given,but at times this was difficult because if it was not what Nelly wanted she did not want it in the project.

Performance Process

During the process of creating this performance everyone in my group focused on our own roles. individually we created our own costumes to go with what the characters we picked from the plat ground. For my character (the snail) I used cardboard and paper mache to create an abstract snail shell along with wearing a pink shirt.