Story of The Space

Reflection of process :

During the process of creating this book the group and I started with coming up with the story line and then decided up tasks due to what people wanted t do and what skills they brought to the table. Nelly was chosen to create the drawing for the book while Lila was going to write out the story and I was going to do the lettering for the book. Dan and Hudsons role was to print out the book and design the layout of it all. of course we all helped in a way but each person was responsible for a task.

pdf of book

Reflection of Distribution :

Performance Proposal

List of Materials Needed:

Paper mâché paste, strips of paper, cardboard, acrylic paint, color coordinated clothing, fishing line, phones to film


On Monday November 18th we will review our proposals, distribute and copy our zines, and begin working on our final project. On Tuesday November 19th we will work on our costumes and props for our performance. By Thursday the 21st, all our props and costumes will be completed, and we will begin our rehearsal of the performance. When the performance is edited to our liking, we will film it due to the fact that Paige will be out of town on the day of the final performance. On Monday November 25th we will have our dress rehearsal and clean up our space. On the 26th we will present our final product to our classmates. We are going to make a conscious effort to document every step of this process. We understand that not everyone will be able to work at the same times everyday, but we are planning on making final rehearsals absolutely mandatory. This is only so everyone feels like they have an equal role in the final production

List of Jobs for the Group:

Everyone is responsible for making their own mask and costume. Lila is in charge of documenting the process of the production with photographs. Paige is in charge of editing the video portion of the production. Hudson and Nelly are in charge of directing the production and making sure the acting directly correlates to the script. They are in charge of making sure that every element of the script is included in the performance. Dan is in charge of making sure that everyone sticks to the timeline and stays on task. He is responsible for checking in and making sure that everyone is putting solid time and effort into creating their masks. Everyone is expected to give their undivided attention and effort towards making the performance cohesive and successful. Everyone is expected to attend the mandatory rehearsals. 

Script of the Performance:

The performance will start with Dan lying face up in the grass. The other four performers will be hiding in surrounding locations (such as behind trees and other structures). Dan will feel the earth around him and show extreme confusion regarding where he is. Dan will close his eyes again. Someone will push the swing in a discreate, unnoticeable way in order to produce the creaking noise of the chains. Dan will get up and walk over to the carousel as if in a trance. We want to produce the effect that he is being attracted to the carousel as if it is a magnet. When he finally gets to the carousel, Dan will fall to the ground huffing and puffing. Dan will emphasis breathing very loudly for a couple minutes so it is obvious to the audience. This will produce suspense and create anticipation. Dan will start fooling around and tapping the carousel out of boredom. We want there to be a sense of carelessness and lack of purpose to his actions. Eventually Dan will stand up and start to spin the carousel faster and faster. Dan stands back and looks completely mesmerized by the whizzing colors. When the carousel stops Dan turns away, pretending to already be distracted by something else. Suddenly the four creatures (Hudson, Nelly, Lila and Paige) begin to move very slowly out of hiding. We want to give the effect that they are waking up from a long nap and stretching out their limbs. Meanwhile, Dan has turned around and noticed their movement. He is blinking his eyes feverously. The creatures move very gracefully and with extreme purpose and intent. Dan closes his eyes for a long period of time. While Dan’s eyes are closed, the creatures drift past him so that they are out of his line of sight. When Dan open’s his eyes the creatures have “disappeared”. The creatures begin to chatter and giggle causing Dan to look behind him. He turns fully around and sees the four creatures running and leaping playfully in the distance. Dan keeps blinking furiously as if he is trying to erase the scene from his head. Dan grasps his head in extreme pain to show that he has been overtaken by a very painful headache. He falls limply to the earth in despair. Dan closes his eyes. In the far distance the creatures continuously giggle and dance. Some of the dances are individual while others are interactive with each other. All interactions between the creatures are very inquisitive and playful. The creatures continue to distance themselves from the scene resulting in their chatter becoming fainter and fainter to the audience. They keep moving until they are out of sight to the audience. Dan drifts off to sleep and the scene closes very peacefully and quiet.

pdf of book

Places and Characters

DUE: 11/12/19

My group and I decided on this location due to the endless possibilities of creative ideas. This area has a lot of potential for some very interesting installations or in this case characters coming to life.

For this project our group decided to make the characters that are already in the playground come to life. These abandoned animals are tired of just spinning in circles all day and not having a choice in their own actions. Until now where they take matters into their own hands and break free from the contiuous circle they were stuck on, to have fun and play on the playground that no one goes to anymore.

Group members

Lila Murray

Nelly Rose

Hudson Bell

Daniel Alessi

Daily Practice #3

DUE: 11/11/19

During this week I for once have not been in as much pain as usual and am now able to do more rehab for my knee and actually workout in a way to build up the muscle in my legs to protect my ligaments from becoming more damaged, but this does not mean I stop the basic ice and compression. Working out before surgery gives me a better recover for rehab after surgery is done.

Band Installations

DUE: 11/11/19

Our goal for this project was to depict the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and absorbed by  emotion. Lilas original installation reflected the experience of having negative emotions consume my thoughts while attempting to meditate. while my installation involved an extreme amount of not only emotional but also physical pain. While we wanted the piece to function and produce sound, we also wanted it to be extremely overwhelming and chaotic to look at. I feel we achieved this by combining techniques we learned about composition and color from our previous classes into a cohesive piece. We created a clear representation of two very chaotic experiences using light, color, texture and sound in a very excessive manner. Paige and I combined harsh, angular shapes with more soft, organic forms in a cohesive way. Our background was completed by layering multiple different colors using a spray bottle and having them drip down to the floor. The triangle shapes featured in the piece were derived from my original installation while the rain sticks were originally Paige’s idea. We chose to cover the piece sloppily in hot glue, glitter, and slime to give the installation a messier, more triggering effect. The fabric was added as an attempt to guide your eye through the piece. We chose not to have a color scheme because we wanted the piece to feel very unorganized. The splatters of sumi ink were purposefully done to create more chaos and confusion. The floor was left covered in glitter, paint, and slime to give a sense of carelessness. The wall features rain sticks, rough cardboard, slime and bubble wrap which together produce our soundtrack along with a few other sounds that are not featured in the piece. Through this project we attempted to translate emotion into sound and texture and incorporate it into a successful video. We chose to layer our soundtrack overtop of our video because we wanted the imagery and the sounds to exist separately. In other worlds, we didn’t want the video to be just us producing sounds, we wanted there to be a slight narrative. Our video depicts a girl attempting to escape her emotions and achieve mental clarity and wellbeing. We included clips of her covering herself in paint to represent emotions consuming ones thoughts. Different colors of paint were meant to depict different emotions. In the video the girl is frantically clawing at her skin and the installation around her to show anxiety, distress, and hopelessness. In conclusion I think our installation and our video are both very successful and convey the message that we intended. I think both elements of this project reflect the amount of time and effort that was exerted. I think Lila and I chose to combine our daily practices in a very unique, creative way.  I am proud of Lila and I for managing our time and working cohesively as a unit throughout the entire week.

Lilas blog

Installation Proposal

1.Both projects involve sensory overload. Lila’s original instillation reflected an overload of negative emotions that can arise during meditation. While Paige’s daily practice has to deal with an extreme amount overwhelming emotion of all kind but mostly focusing on the pain she deals with every day.

2. our main focus is wanting to make our viewers feel immersed in our instillation. We feel this will be accomplished best using a corner space or even the dark room in the studio 

4. these are images that will interpret our new instillation and the design we plan on going with

3. for this instillation our main focus is to have the viewers feel immersed in many overwhelming emotions. We would like to depict a combination of two very chaotic experiences Lila, and I go through in our day to day practice. We plan on accomplishing this by using an overwhelming amount of colors, textures, lights, and sounds. 

5. I will be working with Lila. Since we decided to work together, we plan on accomplishing this together through every major step and choice. We plan on working as a unit together verses dividing up the major rolls.  

6. Our sounds will include rain sticks, crumbling paper, the scratching of ripped cardboard, the squishing of various types of plastic. Our textures will involve slime, ribbed cardboard, multiple layers of paint, hot glue clumps. Our goal is to depict chaos and provoke uneasiness in our audience, which is something Lila and I go thought in our daily practice.

Daily Practice #2

DUE: 11/4/19

Another week of doing what I can to not be in pain and to hopefully have a better response with rehab after surgery in the future. I have mostly just been icing my knee everyday and when I am having a good day I try and do some exercises to strengthen the muscles in my leg. its going to be a slow process but everything will come together in the future.

Sound Sculpture

DUE: 11/4/19

Sounds and textures:

With my sculpture my main focus was to resemble the sounds of moving water that runs through the entire cylinder. I also tried to resemble the feeling of comfort which is displayed as with the texture of being compressed and comfortable when you stick your arm or leg through this piece.


this piece at first was complicated to start only because I did not know where to start but once I had my plan all figured out and had all the materials in my reach the steps to creating this came to me easy there were not many complications through the process.


In this sculpture I wanted it to be interactive so you are actually able to put your leg or arm through the cylinder and you get a compression feeling through the body part inside. while you move around you will hear the “water” run throughout the whole cylinder.


This was complicated in the beginning because for one I had no idea what I wanted to make and how to execute it. but once I figured out the sounds and textures I planned on recreating the design came easy and I wanted to stick with the general feel of what I go through everyday to the best of my ability.

Drawing Texture and Sound

DUE: 10/29

Reflection :

While I was in the process of creating this art work I really focused on the details within the sounds and textures shown below. when it came to the sounds I really wanted to key in on the way it made me feel with the vibrations and movements they were creating in my perspective. With the textures I wanted to focus on the colors and key elements shown in the pictures and explore more of it in my own way on my work.

Group Manifesto

DUE: 10/28


Our art strives to communicate internal thoughts ideas, or emotions precisely to our viewers; the method of delivery is the art work and the message is create through details, maternity, and decision making.


During this project we focused on how many types of mark making can be a form of relief for any situation. We chose to express our own individual marks on the paper to represent how every person is different and that together it will always come together into one final piece. working with the people in my group was a lot of fun, we worked well together and had the same concept from the beginning.

Group Members:

Lila Murray :

Quinn Johnson :

Hudson Bell :