Daily Practice #1

DUE: Monday 10/28

Being an athlete always comes with a price. I have a history of knee injurys (2 torn acl surgically repaired in high school, and an acl tear again that I will have surgery for this December), so everyday I make sure to take some time and work on recovering my body icing my knee and keeping if as healthy as I can. No matter how my day is I always find time to go to rehab. Even if that means doing homework while I ice or just having my friends keep me company.

Miniature Manifesto

Full Manifesto

Growing up being the youngest in my family with three older siblings you tend to live in their shadows and take the paths that have already created in life. wearing the same clothes because I would always get hand-me-downs, going to the same school, playing the same sports. It was easy when everyone already knew who you were calling you ” the little Castleman” because of your older siblings. When it comes to being the youngest everyone things they have it the easiest and some do but if had to summarize my childhood it would be forgotten and unnoticed.

When it came to high school and I learned the life I was living had already been done I was determined to find something that will be mine and only mine. that when I found art, ceramics specifically. I learned that I was actually good at creating things with my hands and was also able to tell my story and and actually be heard by others through something I was creating. I fell in love with everything about clay. very quickly everyone knew me as “the girl that does clay” instead of “little Castleman” I made a name for myself and was actually being heard by others.

One Sentence Manifest

I want to be heard, whether that’s through my artwork or myself.


writing this came easy to me, because I have always known the reason I was doing art and why I love doing it every day. the one sentence was easier for while the full manifesto took some time to understand was I fully wanted to say.

Pocket Collection

DUE: October 22,2019

Today I was asked by my professors to out into the world of Alfred and ask strangers if they would willingly give me something from their pockets.

During this adventure I got many weird looks and many people tell me they don’t have anything to give. until the barista at Terra Cotta gave me a grey and red pen with writing on it from he back pocket. when I asked what it was from the told me it came from her friends insurance agency. sadly the pen only proves and name and phone number I could not find a website to lead you to this agency.